Massage for arthritis relief

Arthritis is a disease causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints. Suffering from arthritis can be a struggle, with constant pain and difficulty with everyday tasks.

Many studies have shown that although having a regular massage will not cure arthritis, it will help relieve the symptoms and restore some wellbeing to the patient.

Pain relief

The short-term pain relieving benefits of massage therapy work well for arthritis patients. Massage therapy can help release endorphins into the bloodstream and aid with overall wellbeing and a good night’s sleep.

Living with chronic pain can cause a negative mind set and often lead to depression. Massage is known to decrease depression, stress and anxiety and bring a relaxing and soothing state of calm to your everyday life. A more positive outlook can make living with arthritis more bearable.


A massage can help ease muscle tension, improve circulation and reduce swelling. Massage may also help to temporarily improve the mobility of joints and muscles affected by arthritis, decreasing stiffness, soreness and inflammation.

Regular therapy sessions can lessen the degree of pain felt by patients and increase strength (such as hand grip) and overall function of the joints. Having a massage therapist visit your home or workplace and unwinding with a relaxing massage once a week can brighten your mood and more practically, ease some arthritic symtoms which helps delay the advancement of the condition. Having better mobility means that you can perform tasks and activity such as sport much easier, thereby improving your quality of life.

It is important to note that massage is not medicine but will work to complement any arthritis treatment your doctor has prescribed. It is important to listen to medical advice and follow this. A massage should also ease your pain and not add to it, so it is important to have good communication with your qualified massage professional so that they can determine the level of pressure to apply during massage and the exact areas in which you suffer from arthritis.