5 benefits of massage.

How many of you spend a fortune visiting doctors trying to get rid of the pain in your back, high blood pressure, nagging migraines and so forth?

True, medicines and drugs are effective. For the time being you bask in their healing effects but hey, are they healthy as a long-term solution to your problems?

The answer is no. With an alarming term ‘drug dependence’ often attached with it. So what is a better solution, a safer one, closer to nature, and healthier?


Here we will be discussing some benefits of this wonder solution that will convince you to ring up your therapist right away!

Benefits of massage: to your body!

It has been proven that massage helps open veins that supply blood to the organs, in turn regulating effective flow of blood, nutrients, antibodies and oxygen to the body along with a rapid removal of metabolic waste.

Lymph, a fluid that collects toxin waste, is aptly circulated in the body with the help of massage, increasing immunity. The lymphatic system has no pumping system therefore massage is the best solution to regulate its circuitry.

Massage also helps regulate and lower blood pressure resulting in a steady flow of blood to the heart. This consistent flow ensures an efficient supply of freshly cleansed blood from the heart to the body, thus improving the health of all the body organs.

Benefits of massage: to your muscles!

According to an experiment posted in the Feb 1 issue of Science Transitional Medicine, it was concluded that muscular wear and tear that resulted from vigorous exercise was more duly repaired after the administration of massage than without it. The surveyors observed that massage accentuated mitochondria that aid cell repair, and also boosted the production of a compound cytokines that soothes inflammation of muscle cells.

Massage was then recognized as a natural remedy to treat sore muscles. Not only does massage work as an anti-inflammatory tonic, but it also helps reduce pain and reinforce muscle repair. But the best part, it relaxes your aching muscles immeasurably.

Muscle massage that is aimed specifically at relaxing the muscles and healing the soreness, ensures a healthy blood supply to the muscles and effective removal of toxins from them. This ascertains muscular flexibility and reduces muscle tightness and soreness. No wonder massage is so highly recommended to injured athletes!

Benefits of massage: to your skin!

Massage brings out the glow in the skin that you didn’t know had been there. It works on pores and sweat glands, such that you sweat more, excreting waste readily from the body. Besides the glow, massage removes dead skin and helps moisten the deeper layer of skin, giving the skin a fresh look. The widening of the blood vessels in the surface of skin that occurs during massage helps improve the skin tone and complexion giving the face a new bloom.

Benefits of massage: to your mind!

According to a research by Chambers Massage Therapy of Lakeland Florida, about 90% of massage clinic visitors are wishful of relief from irritability, anxiety, anger, sleeplessness, fear, depression, headaches etc. All of them step out as happy, relaxed people. Ancient belief has it that even a simple touch of a hand can have extraordinary soothing powers.

Medically, massage is said to secrete a substance called endorphin that induces tranquillity. As a result, massage accelerates a feeling of self-worth, relief, and happiness; while decreasing tension; sleeplessness and anxiety.

It is said that if you cannot indulge in a daily exercise, you should resort to a regular massage, say once or twice a week. Remember, massage is a luxury that you just cannot afford to miss.

Live natural, live healthy.

Happy living!