Those who engage in body building understand that this goes far beyond a simple exercise program. Body building is an activity that demands concentration, dedication, and stamina. The goal of body building is to create a sculptured body where the well-developed muscles stand out sharply.

Definitely not a sport for everyone, body building is more of a lifestyle than a hobby and involves the use of weights, specialized exercises, and proper nutrition. Although the training is rigorous, periods of rest are required to allow the body to heal from the micro-tears and other injuries that may occur in the course of development.

Massage and Body Building

Any man or woman who undertakes body building should automatically include massage therapy as part of their training regimen. The body takes a lot of punishment when hours are spent in the gym to build up the muscles to their desired size and configuration.

Whether body building is being done on a competition level or just for personal satisfaction and body definition, massage can help to make the process much more rewarding and produce results more quickly.

  • Everyone is familiar with the expression “No pain, no gain”, and this is particularly true in reference to body building. The sheer number of hours necessary to bulk up muscles through strenuous exercise will result in soreness and occasionally sprains and strains. Massage is terrific at easing the pain and helping restore muscles to condition.
  • As with everything in life, mental attitude is important, and body building requires intense concentration and dedication. However, it’s no secret that body building can be stressful as well, and this is precisely one of the areas where massage is outstanding – massage is a proven stress reducer.
  • Range of motion is improved with regular massage. Limited range of motion can not only add complications to successful body building, but it can also contribute to injuries. Tight muscles make it more likely that damage can be done even during routine workouts, and scar tissue can compound the problem. Massage not only loosens tightened muscles, it also helps to break down scar tissue to improve freedom of motion and flexibility.
  • We all know how well massage improves circulation to all parts of the body, nourishing cells and tissues, but did you also know that an augmented blood flow also helps to sweep away any buildup of toxins? Heavy weight training results in the body producing metabolic wastes that can build up, such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Metabolic wastes are why your muscles become tired. A better supply of hemoglobin-rich blood, stimulated by massage, will help to remove these byproducts and return your muscles to their normal state.
  • Getting the most out of your body building program safely is the key to getting the body you want faster. Injuries and overexertion only prolong the process. Massage is the key to not only keeping the mind and body in good shape, which accelerates achievement of the goal.

When Is Massage Most Effective for Body Building?

No one should enter into a course of intensive body building without also setting up a schedule for regular massage. Massage is best for body building when used both before and after a session. Serious body builders do not hesitate to spend up to 8 hours working their bodies to the maximum, and a deep body massage should be given within 6 hours after this workout.

Pre-workout massages are also a good idea, and many body builders opt for a light massage before a training session. For those who prefer a deep tissue massage before a workout, it is often best to wait a day or two before training – a deep tissue massage can result in some stiffness and soreness that will require some rest for healing. Recovery from a deep tissue massage should be accompanied by drinking plenty of fluids, not only to maintain proper hydration, but to also help remove toxins.