It’s unfortunate that most of us look upon massage therapy for being useful only for treating sore muscles.

There’s no doubt that it can’t be beat when it comes to dealing with sport injuries and relieving trigger points, but massage actually treats the entire person, and a weekly or fortnightly massage should be looked upon not as a luxury, but as a necessity.

Use Massage to Enhance Every Facet of Your Life including sore muscles

In today’s hectic world, it can be easy to forget about taking care of ourselves as we should. All too often we put off things that will be beneficial for us because we feel that we are too busy to take time for them.

However, by taking that little bit of time that is needed for a massage, you can find yourself feeling more alert and energized, and more prepared to handle daily living without sore muscles.

  • Stress is one of the biggest problems modern society faces. Pressures from work, commuting, family, and unexpected emergencies all pile anxiety and stress on us, not only making us nervous an edgy, but also interfering with sleep and leading to eating disorders. A regular massage is just the thing for reducing stress and the elevated cortisol levels that go with it.
  • None of us can avoid the aging process, but a facial massage can assist in smoothing out some of those wrinkles without the need of plastic surgery or injections of Botox. Facial massage reduces the severity of lines around the mouth, eyes, and above the nose, and helps to reduce puffiness.
  • If you find yourself becoming lethargic during the day, especially towards the latter end of the workday, a massage is an excellent pick-me-up. The beneficial effects of a massage will not only help to energize you immediately, but will carry over to the following days. You’ll probably find yourself feeling more mentally acute, as well.
  • Ordinary aches and pains can really detract from the quality of your life, even if they are not specifically the result of illness or injury. Try massage therapy to reduce and even eliminate these; not only will a massage relax you, but it will also promote the release of endorphins, which are the natural painkillers our bodies make. Tension headaches, in particular, respond very well to massage therapy.
  • Sometimes it seems as if cold and flu season is with us year-round, and we always seem to have the sniffles or feel a bit ‘off’. The problem could be that your immune system is a somewhat weak and not responding as it should to fight off bacterial and viral invaders. It’s been proven that regular massage can help to increase the efficiency of your immune system, by increasing your white blood cell count, helping you to stay healthier no matter the season.
  • Repetitive jobs involving the hands can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. This occurs when the nerve that runs through the tunnel in your wrist bones becomes irritated and swollen. Your hands might become numb and the pain in the wrist is often severe. Surgery may not be your only option; massage can help to alleviate the worst symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, by reducing pain and restoring function.
  • Cancer is a terrible disease, and while many people are now able to recover from it due to new treatments, these treatments can often bring their own load of discomfort, nausea, and pain. Helping cancer patients cope with their condition is just another facet of massage therapy. Massage has been found to help reduce the worst side effects of treatment; reducing pain, especially after surgery, and combating nausea.
  • Massage therapy can help you to get a good night’s sleep if you suffer from insomnia. So many things can keep you from sleeping as you should: pain, anxiety, or depression. Rather than relying upon sleeping pills to help you nod off, you may well find that a weekly massage will help to smooth over these and help return you to a normal sleep cycle.

Massage therapy actually treats the whole person, and should be considered a part of your wellness regime which in turn will reduce your sore muscles.