I know this isn’t directly massage related, however if you have your immune working correctly it will help your massage treatments become more effective.

Thought you may enjoy this article from a good friend of mine, Eric. If you would like to get in touch with him send me your details and I will pass it on to him.

Health is a very personal issue for most people. Some of us are too busy to take notice of our body’s warning signs. Some, too young to appreciate the problems that arise later in life and even care – “we’re invincible” is their catch-cry.

The rest of us care how we feel, how we perform and how we appear to others.

As I screen people, I become more and more aware of just how finely balanced health is. At this time of the year, people have:

  • Red & runny noses, puffy eyes, coughs and itchy skin
  • Fluid retention, mouth open, dry & lifeless hair, brittle nails and swollen joints
  • Headaches, constipation or diarrhoea, anxiety, depression or insomnia

Not every one of these is a virus or bacteria. It is often an allergy to something in the air – a pollen, toxins in the dust carried from farms that use such products which drift with the northerlies, or foods which elicit the formation of antibodies or an inflammation reaction from the immune system.

If your immune system is low, it’s unable to defend itself properly against these antigens.

Our immune system is our natural defence against foreign substances. It is a loosely organised network of cells & organs involved collectively, known as the lymphatic system.

Reactions can range from a very minor itch to anaphylaxis (a whole body system reaction that may cause difficulty with breathing and a dangerous fall in blood pressure, potentially leading to shock); or it also could lead to contact dermatitis or hives on the skin after physical contact with a food.

The allergens affect the lymphatic system, the lungs, heart & circulatory system and therefore the intestinal health of the body, thereby exacerbating the problem. It can also affect the endocrine system, central nervous system and the body’s organ cell metabolism, leading to the same intestinal degradation on the person’s health. The good news is, however, that nutrition can be the key to relieving the stresses of this. Supplementation is part of this nutritional process.

In my practice, I mainly use two different types of immune system stimulants, Ming VMM and VitaCell. I recommend these products because of their effectiveness and efficiency.

A consultation with me can identify easily and in a non-invasive way, which foods and pollens are likely to cause these reactions.

I then balance your system using either or both these products (coupled with colloidal minerals and a sym-biotic (LactoFlora)) to help produce a more allergenic-free lifestyle.

Ming VMM is a Chinese herbal blend and is very strong. It can only be used for short periods of time but has amazing power. It’s almost like an antibiotic. It stimulates the immune system to provide the antibodies to deal with the allergens.

VitaCell is made from Japanese mushrooms and is a very powerful general stimulant. It can be taken every day. It works at the cellular level of the body to produce an immunity to most antigens.

I hope this helps you understand your body’s warning signs a little better.