Are you having trouble in finding the right massage therapist?

To increase your chances of finding the right massage therapist you need to follow some guidelines.

I’ve given one important tip previously: a professional massage therapist should have a diploma of massage from a creditable college as a minimum.

There maybe some awesome therapists who haven’t got a diploma has a minimum but they would be as rare as hens teeth. If you follow these guides this will assist you in finding a good massage therapist.

The next step after having been qualified as a massage therapist is to become part of an association, so:

Tip 2:
Are they registered with a well known massage association such as ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society) or MMA (Massage & Myotherapy Australia)?

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These are governing bodies which keep an eye on their members by maintaining a register of qualified member practitioners for referral and for responding to enquiries and complaints from the public.

Being registered with an association also warranties that the right massage therapist keeps their ongoing studies up to date and follows the duty of care of being a therapist.

This means you will receive additional benefits from the therapist and their treatments. One such benefit would be reducing the amount of time it takes to get to your desired result.

If you’re still not sure how to find the right massage therapist, feel free to email me with your questions and I’ll endeavour to help you find the right massage therapist. Otherwise you can hit me up at Gian Franco Remedial Massage FB page or my website.

Stay tuned for the next tip to ask or if in the mean time you would like to find out about any particular topic then contact me and i’ll see what i can do, until then happy spring time!

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