How would you like to have an instant mood lift?

In our busy lifestyles, taking some time out for yourself and your health can reap many benefits.

In a hectic world, full of time pressures, anxiety and stress, massage has been proven to lift your spirits and leave you with a heightened sense of well-being.


A massage rejuvenates your skin and makes it look and feel younger. Using touch and pressure on the skin increases blood flow and circulation, which oxygenates the cells and leaves skin feeling revitalised. When you feel younger than you are, your general well-being improves and so, an instant mood lift.


Many people approach a massage therapist for specific health complaints but tend to forget its power in simply aiding relaxation, helping ‘recharge the batteries’ and dramatically combating stress. Mobile massage and home visits in particular can help you relax in your own comfortable surroundings.

Massage helps with relaxation of the body and mind and eases stress and anxiety. When we feel stressed our body releases cortisol, also known as the ‘fight or flight’ response. It is only intended for a short-term solution but modern society sees heightened levels of cortisol released into the body, more regularly and for prolonged periods of time, causing serious health risks.

A professional massage therapist can provide a massage treatment to release tension, aid good sleep and loosen tight muscles. The simple act of taking some time out of your busy schedule to relax and do something beneficial for yourself can dramatically increase your mood, energy and well-being. Think of a massage appointment as a pampering session and a time out of your busy schedule from work and family commitments and the worries of everyday life.

Energy Levels

Massage boosts energy levels, meaning your general productivity and quality of life improves, as well as your mood. Having increased energy means that you can accomplish more during the day and gain a sense of achievement. The energy can be used positively, once the massage helps eradicate stress, which can paralyse your productivity. Using your ‘awake’ time more efficiently will also help with a good quality sleep at night.

Health and Well-being

Your physical health has an effect on your overall well-being and happiness. Chronic pain and everyday aches in the muscles and joints can leave you feeling exhausted, stressed, miserable and unable to do things you enjoy. When your physical health improves, your mental health will follow.

Massage strengthens your immune system, meaning you are less likely to become run down and ill and more likely to experience happiness with a balanced mind.

As well as the physical benefits, such as increasing muscle flexibility and your range of movement, a massage has a number of psychological benefits. From session one of a therapeutic massage you will feel the benefits, from the release of muscle tension and a chance to relax.

However, to gain the most from massage, a weekly session, in the space of your own home or office (mobile massage), can help with regular care of your well-being. Your massage therapist will advise you on how best and how regularly to schedule your appointments, in line with your needs.

Now who said it wasn’t possible to have an instant mood lift?