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Whether your an Olympian, Office Worker, Tradesperson or Busy Parent, Gian can help you relieve pain and feel your best

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Gian Franco Remedial Massage
Who Else Wants To Be Pain-Free?

Muscle pain can prevent you from achieving peak performance whether that be at work or on the sports field. It can also prevent you from simply enjoying life.

With remedial massage the good news is that I can help relieve your muscle pain and the stress that it can cause. My name is Gian Franco, and I’m a highly trained and experienced remedial massage therapist in Adelaide’s western suburbs that has helped hundreds of people of all ages and walks of life.

My list of clients both past and present is quite extensive and includes Olympic athletes, professional sports people, international actors/actresses, dancers, cyclists, runners, amateur footballers and netballers, as well as office workers and tradies.

Most importantly, I know I can help you.

Please call me today on 0418 893 132 for a tailored consultation at my North Plympton practice.


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