Juicing can be enormously beneficial for your health and a great addition to a healthier lifestyle. A full body massage can make the juicing results faster and more efficient, because it is one of the best ways to enhance detoxification by stimulating the liver.

What is Juicing?

A juicing programme often begins with a reboot (committing to drink and eat only fruit and vegetables, herbal tea and water). It can help weight loss, skin/hair/teeth/nail condition and boost your immune system.

The process of juicing is extracting the juice from whole fruits and vegetables. When made at home it is fresh and not pasteurized like juices bought in the shops. Juicing is recommended as part of a healthy diet.

This is because a juicing-only diet lacks fibre and protein, leaving us hungry and possibly losing muscle mass.

Juicing for weight loss

Juicing kick starts your metabolism and can help you lose weight, as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Many of us fuel our bodies with various foods that are difficult to break down or have various toxins. Juicing allows the preservation of the natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes of the raw produce and the immediate absorption of their nutrients.

Digestion can be aided by juicing and the body requires less energy to break down the food/drink consumed. Massage therapy can speed up this process even further.

Juicing for your immune system

Juicing raises the pH balance in our bodies which can help protect us from a number of health conditions. It keeps away many common ailments, such as cold and flu, as well as more serious health conditions.

Our bodies are often over burdened with bad toxins, from smoking, alcohol, pollution etc and we cannot utilize the goodness in foods fully without breaking it down.

Juicing is well known in aiding the recovery process of illnesses and general health and works well with regular massage to improve wellbeing.